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Almost There

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Wow, what a crazy 6 months.  1200 hours and lord knows how many dollars later, and Palomita is ready to go.  As in fuel and water are topped up and the fridge is stuffed ready to go.v  We are too – ready that is, not stuffed.

We’ve been asked how the boat is going many times over the last half year, and we always kind of roll our eyes before saying something non-committal like “OK”.  It hasn’t been “GREAT!”.  The second question usually is “why it only OK, shouldn’t it be GREAT!? – it is a new boat after all”.  “Well”, we say, “there were a few large issues we did know about, like the engine, and many small issues we didn’t know about, like the rot in the floor stringer.  Our surveyor kinda sucked”  Of course, the next question is “so, what have you done?”


Build house battery box and secure batteries
Varnish floor
Build  cockpit table
Replace windlass and patch holes on foredeck
Move combing winches
Install davit lift points in dinghy
Build and install bulkhead bookcase
Install engine fan temp control
Kiwi grip foredeck
Caulk head
Install cabin lantern
Install fishing gear – downrigger and rod holders
Install shelf in anchor locker
Replace both anchor rodes
Remove divider in anchor locker and glass all surfaces
Rig Preventer
Wash mast
Replace sliding door track
Replace spigot for galley footpump
Replace Genoa
Replace running rigging
Replace engine
Clean oily mess from bilge and paint
Replace water heater
Install inspection port and clean fuel tank and fuel
Replace fuel filters
Hook up fuel
Replace footpump in forward head
Wire new bilge pump switch
Free and service all sea cocks
Re-plumb propane locker
Re-build floor stringer forward of engine
Re-pitch prop
re-plumb galley and aft head / install water filters
Buff topsides
Plug holes in transom
Extend blower vents
Build instrument housing & install new instruments
Wire holding tank pumps
Install USB outlets
Install new battery switch, main busses, breakers, and echo charger
Move and wire start batteries
Reinstall galley
Install engine blower fans
Rig inverter shut off / bypass
Replace dodger windows
Re-rig spinnaker pole – topping lift shock cord lost inside pole
Replace cockpit speakers
Clean out old electrical gear and unused wires
Clean up electrical panel
Replace diesel heater
Remove rotten divider in anchor locker; reglass locker
Service all winches – many currently are non-functional
Fix leaking hatch and ports; replace fixed ports
Install Cir-clip on steering axle
Install new instrument transducers – speed, depth, wind
Install dinghy davits
Install Solar panels and charge controller
Install LED masthead lights
Fix steaming light and bow nav light
Replace all interior lighting with LED
Re-plumb holding tanks for overboard pump-out
Replace mattress (es)
Cut down fridge lid – make it thinner
Remove A/C unit and ductwork
Fix holes in deck
Build new clear companionway doors
Replace screen in screen doors
Replace compass light

Now for the real work…sailing her.  We’re almost there!


Author: palomita42

We are a couple of sailing nuts based out of Burnaby, BC, Canada. Our home waters are those between Victoria and Prince Rupert, BC. Recently, we sold our beloved New Hampshire Mariner 36 sloop and are now in the process of refitting a 1987 Sabre 42CB. Maybe we'll go further afield one day...Our blog is

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  1. have a great Summer sounds like you deserve it!!

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